Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lamborghini Miura Jota SVR - Kyosho

This model wasn't exactly in my most wanted list. Because the original Miura Jota is not an SVR but rather a "Jota" only.

Two reason why I decided to get it is because this model is packed with so much details, and I got it at a bargain so why not get it. Right?

Open the engine cover and you'll see a wonderful engine surprise. The front bay is so much different from the regular Miura P400 & SV as well and the front bonnet is supported by a hydraulic strut. The details in the interior are superb with a five-point race-seatbelt on both seats. BBS rims are used on this one, which I have no idea why ( they should have used the Campagnolo instead), but still looks good anyway. The gas filler cap opens as well as the rear trunk.

In terms of details, I rate this model 9 out of 10.


Kin said...

Hi Nic,

You are the supreme royal fan of Lamborghini as far as i know.
Marvelous truely Italia Lambo Miura Jota.

What a classic & congratu..

Sorry for all the late reply.


Arun Gupta said...

really lamborgani is so weird than other racing cars its models are awesome... which can defeat the others models in the world
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