Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lamborghini Countach 5000s - Kyosho

This is the other half of my ultimate holy "Lambo" grail. It also took me more than two years to find this precious model. Luckily, I finally have it.

This model reminds of of the 80s movie, "Cannonball Run II". As with all "Cannonball Run" series, their beginnings start off with a speeding Countach chased by police patrol cars.

Basically, the details are almost the same as the blue 5000 QV. The only minor differences are the engine details, engine cover and muffler tips. Aside from those and the colors of the interior and exterior, everything is identical. As with all Kyosho Countach models, this is simply perfect!

If you're on a hunt for 1:18 Countach or Miura models, take my advice, Kyosho is always the best choice. Don't settle for anything
else. Not even the AUTOart Countach or Miura.

With its blue brother, the 5000 QV (Quattro Valvole)

Band of "Countach" Brothers


Jovet's Garage said...

killer shots as always!

Nicadraus' Lamborghini models said...

Thanks Jovet! :)

economyst said...

hello, Kyosho Countach 5000S not...This model name is Kyosho Countach LP500...

Nicadraus' Lamborghini models said...

economyst, The 5000s and LP500 is the same. It's a variety version n the US and Europe.

Kin said...

Hi Nic,

This Lamborghini Countach is every teenager dream car including myself.
I remember have a poster of it back to the 90's.

"Wonderfull collection".

Thanks & congratu..

Himro said...

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