Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lamborghini Countach LP500R - Kyosho

My diecast friends have always convinced me to get the LP500s (Walter Wolf edition). I didn't really like how it looks simply because of the following: the rounded arch of the front fenders, the black lining on the fenders and the wheels. However, when I learned that Kyosho would re-release this LP500R, I told myself that I should get one. So here it is, sitting on the shelves of my Lambo corner.

I didn't feel like owning a black Lamborghini in 1:18 scale except for this one. Because most black Lambos are hard to take pictures with and the lines and shape are somehow hidden especially when it's a little dark. But since this Countach is wrapped with white stripes (which I really like), I didn't have a hard time shooting it. I also like the "LP500R" label on the doors and rear trunk. But these decals are very fragile and one should be very careful when peeling off the sticker seals on the opening doors, trunk and front bonnet because the white decals may come off with it. Fortunately, I used a technique and saved all the decals from peeling off.

Model aside, the interior is white and looks very well in contrast to the black exterior. The meshed BBS wheels goes well with the car too. As expected, this Countach is made with accurate craftsmanship by Kyosho.


Ricardo said...

very nice lambo!!!!

Nicadraus' Lamborghini models said...

Thanks Ricardo! :)

Kin said...

Hi Nic,

Very cool , gorgeous & rare Countach super car.
In fact i never see one before is my 1st scene of this car.

Thanks again for sharing & congratu..