Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1:18 Lamborghini Aventador (Giallo Orion) - AUTOart

When AUTOart announced that they would release the Aventador in mid of 2011, Lamborghini collectors were so eager to get their hands on the model. They first showed the pre-production pictures of the orange, black & white models. I was set to get the white one until they showed pictures of the yellow Aventador. It quickly changed my choice to it especially when I saw it in silver wheels. Then suddenly, AUTOart decided to change the wheels to black and many people got really upset, I included. I patiently waited until the yellow Aventador was locally released. As soon as I got mine, the black wheels didn't look bad at all. The combination of yellow and black never fails just as seen in the Murcielago LP640 & LP670-4 SV models I also have. 

Here's a quick photo shoot I did of this model. I will do a better shoot with sharper image next time and probably do an outdoor shoot as well. So here are the pictures I've taken for the mean time. :)

Some outdoor shots