Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lamborghini Garage diorama (1:18 scale)

I have already spent three months working on this diorama (and still in progress). Majority of the accessories seen are from my own creation coming from different materials. Initially, I had only planned to do a simple garage, but I noticed some more things missing. So I decided to do some extensions of the set.

The car lift is a Hotworks Up & Down lift. I didn't use the base and wall that came with the set. Instead, I created a simpler base that actually looks much better.I had also bought a Snap On garage essential tool set to add on this diorama.
I fabricated a fixed door and door handle. I also cut some pictures from various magazines and converted them to wall posters.Ceiling lights using LEDs.
I fabricated this air gauge, hose and nozzle, together with the tubing Fabricated car batteryFabricated stainless steel work bench with drawers.Fabricated springs and wrenches.Fabricated wall outlets and power extension cord.
Fabricated wall fuse box.
Real working exhaust fan.
Lamborghini cut-out sticker for the main wall.
Wall posters.
I had replaced the monitor's screen from Snap-On to Lamborghini logo. Repainted the keyboard as well.
Fabricated and installed the lift switch.
Wall posters
Fabricated dry white board with marker and eraser.
Fabricated tool drawer with side handles .Added a few more fabricated items. Such are wrenches, elbow tire wrench, aluminum braided hoses and radiator filler cap.Fabricated a laptop, chair, braided fan belts, and braided hoses.
Fabricated some boxes
I got this engine from my son's wrecked Bburago Diablo. I detailed, repainted and replaced the plastic wires with real ones.
Added some wheels from the wrecked Diablo.
I repainted and added seatbelts and buckles to the wrecked Diablo's bucket seats.
Fabricated an air compressor with hose and spray gun for the garage's paint booth.
Fabricated a folding ladder.
Fabricated a Makita 9227C buffing machine.
Paint booth extension. Here, I have used the Up & Down lift's base. I repainted the wall and weathered the flooring. I repainted the wrecked Diablo's body to white as primer preparation. As well as the doors. Fabricated some buckets.
Added some boxes
Fabricated paint table and paint cans.
Fabricated another stainless work table, sand paper and sanding backing pad.
Working sliding door connecting the main garage to the paint booth.Added some GI Joe figures donated by a fellow diecast collector, Myk Formoso. I grinded some of the weapons fixed the their bodies and repainted them.
Fabricated another long stainless steel work bench. Added some rubber hoses and braided aluminum hoses.
The garage with working lights on the ceiling.
Refurbished and repainted the shocks of the wrecked Diablo. I also added piston rods and springs to replicate the real ones.
Fabricated a Digital Engine Timing and ECU management analyzer computer.
Fabricated an angled wall mirror.
Facade of the exterior side walls.
Still in progress. This is how the whole diorama should look like from a distance. I'm adding a driveway/parking on the front side, working flood lights and ceiling for the paint booth.

Roll up gates
With lighted sign board

I hope you enjoyed viewing my creation. Thanks for looking. :)