Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Some photoshoot trippings

Yellow Bulls

Father & sonBrothers

Stealth car & stealth driver

Murci Brothers

Murci Triplets

3 Scales

Reventón - 1:18 AUTOart, 1:43 HW Elite, 1:64 HW Dream Garage 2009Murciélago - 1:18, 1:43 & 1:64 - AUTOart
Murciélago - 1:18, 1:43 & 1:64 - AUTOart
Gallardo - 1:18 AUTOart, 1:43 Highspeed, 1:64 AUTOart
Espada - 1:18 AUTOart, 1:43 Minichamps, 1:64 Kyosho


Jovet's Garage said...

Ganadong-ganado mag shoot ah! =)

Congrats on a great set of photos, the colors came out very well in that black background.

Mervin said...

Nice photoshoot....

Nicadraus' Lamborghini models said...

Thanks Jovet & Mervin!

At first I had a really hard time in setting the lights when shooting with black background. But I finally found the secret to it. Day light! It's the best source of lighting.

Cheers! :)

Mervin said...

Thank you for sharing Nic...

Is it Direct Sunlight? how do you do the totally black background? Is it edited?

Nicadraus' Lamborghini models said...

Hi Mervin!

I defuse the daylight by using a white plastic corrugated board. So that no direct sun light hits the subject. With regards to the black background, it's with the camera's setting. I usually do minor editing with the shots I take. :)