Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lamborghini Reventón (Auto Art 1:18)

Finally, after a long wait, a proper 1:18 scale model of the Reventón is released. Made by Auto Art, this model is worth every penny. The model itself is very accurate in terms of scale proportions, detail accuracy and realistic features. It weighs heavier than the Auto Art Murcielago as the side air intakes or "wings" and rear engine bonnet are made of metal. Auto Art did really well on this model and puts the other 1:18 counterparts to shame such as the Bburago, Mondo Motors and the very expensive MR Reventón which is made of resin plastic, sealed (no opening parts) and cost five times the price of the Auto Art. 

Front air intake grills are made of metal-mesh
The headlights are beautifully made with realistic projector-type lens.

Carbon Fiber finish are seen everywhere in the interior. Noticeably, the instrumentation cluster, dashboard sides and center console.The carbon fiber weave grain of the wheel's fins are so fine, which makes the wheels look very realistic and very accurate. The carbon disc brakes are also visible and realistically made as well as the calipers.Carpet is nicely applied in the interior's flooring and firewall. The flooring on both sides are also provided with rubber mats. The steering wheel is flocked just like the real one and the A/C vent rings are chromed. I fabricated photo-etched door lock-latches to add more realism to this model.

Ceiling center console control panel and sun visor details.The engine have better details than the previous Auto Art Murcielago. Wires have been provided where it should be seen. Metal mesh grill are also visble in the engine bay. Although I have modified my model's engine with the missing details and repainted the exhaust manifold to copper-gold. The engine cover is supported by gas hydraulic struts.

A very fascinating feature that AutoArt didn't miss was the rear plate lamps that are also surrounded by a metal-meshed grill.Front boot is supported with gas hydraulic struts. The front bay is also carpeted. 
 The side air intake or the "wings" are movable too. They are spring loaded so it shuts down when they are released. The spring also keeps the "wings" closed even if the model is turned over. Inside the air intakes, metal-meshed grills are also installed.

Front 3-D badge or emblem is embossed. Very nicely crafted.The tail lights are accurate. The fans are very visible from the metal-meshed grill of the air outlet. 

Another master piece, is this feature. 

The numbered badge on the center between the seat belt harness. "Reventón -00/20". The actual "00" car is the first Reventón to roll out of the Lamborghini factory and now remains in the factory museum.

3 scales: 1:18 AUTOart, 1:43 HW Elite, 1:64 HW Dream Garage 2009


zehobby said...

This a definitely an awesome poison to me!!! O.o

Jimmy said...

You have a very nice collection.
I really admire your work.

Nicadraus' Lamborghini models said...

Thanks for the appreciation guys!

Cheers! :)

BaRaNdA7 said...

Hello friend, good night, good collection that you have, and I'm loving lamborghini, is satisfying to see these cars, I would like to take some pictures of the Reventon Autoart and LP 640 Norev together both, thanks and greetings

Ангел said...

It's a very good model and I'm saving money to buy one. You did a nice job modding yours! Can you share what you used to paint the exhaust manifold with? Thanks!

Nicadraus' Lamborghini models said...

Thanks Baranda7 & Ангел!

The exhaust manifold are painted with Tamiya enamel paints. I mixed gold and red to creat a rust-copper like color. :)

Mr. Biggelsworth said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful :) but HOW did you get those brilliant pictures of it in front of an airport and in front of that body of water?? I'd love to know

pedro said...

Existe um defeito em sua foto na frente do aeroporto, pois tem uma grade e ela some na janela do motorista...